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Moving on after losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it is believed that the death resulted from negligent care by physicians. Medical practitioners nationwide, including in Texas, must provide care to an acceptable standard. Considering their many years at medical schools, they are typically expected to recognize the severity of medical conditions. A woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against two physicians, alleging doctor negligence.

According to court documents, the plaintiff claims that, after undergoing a colonoscopy, her sister went to a medical center’s emergency department because she started hemorrhaging. She asserts her sister suffered abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, along with hypotension and lethargy. One of the defendant physicians evaluated the severity of what the plaintiff claims to have been internal bleeding.

The complaint states that the bleeding into the patient’s abdomen was allowed to continue for hours while the doctor ordered a CT scan to be done. When the surgery by the second defendant doctor ultimately took place, it was apparently determined that the patient had a ruptured spleen. The plaintiff claims her sister died within two hours after the surgical procedure. The complaint alleges negligence on the part of the defendants in failing to properly diagnose, assess and monitor the condition of the plaintiff’s sister.

The plaintiff seeks damages in compensation for the emotional trauma she suffered as the result of doctor negligence, and her loss of life enjoyment occasioned by the death of her beloved sister. Texas residents who believe a loved one’s death was caused by medical negligence may pursue compensation for financial and emotional losses. Contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Hastings Law Firm Houston to get help. A medical malpractice claim in which negligence is established before the court may lead to a monetary judgment as allowed by applicable laws.

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