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Houston Chronicle

Harris County jurors asked to deliver historic ‘pill mill’ ruling

Jurors were asked to take a historic stand today against rogue “pill mills” — who churn out so many addictive drugs that Houston has become a national hub for prescription abuse — by awarding nearly $20 million to the family of an overdose victim … “So that other doctors thinking about doing this in their twilight years will think again,” said attorney Tommy Hastings, before jurors began deliberating.

Houston Chronicle

$10.1 million verdict punishes ‘pill mill’

Jurors awarded $10.1 million in damages to the family of an overdose victim Tuesday, hoping the size of the verdict strikes fear into other “pill mills” that have turned Houston into a national hub for prescription drug abuse.

Houston Chronicle

Harris County a hot spot for potent drug trio

Over a 15-month period ending in March, one Houston physician wrote more than 43,000 prescriptions for three highly addictive drugs that have come to be known as the “Houston Cocktail” or the “Holy Trinity.” … “You can find one of these pain clinics in a strip center in five minutes,” said Tommy Hastings, a Houston attorney who is representing the families of four individuals who died from drug overdoses after going to Houston area pain clinics.

Lawyers And Settlements

So Attorney Tommy Hastings Takes the Case and Wins $10.7 Million

None of the local law enforcement agencies were taking action against a Houston doctor for medical malpractice who operated a “pill mill,” so attorney Tommy Hastings said he would. “The Skorpenske family was very good about explaining what the problem is and how it affects all of us,” says Hastings. “It was hard to look at the faces of the people in that family and tell them no.”

Palestine Herald-Press

Texas monitoring prescriptions of drug combo

A Texas Department of Public Safety tracking system shows that Harris County doctors rank first in writing prescriptions for three highly addictive drugs that officials say give users a “heroin high” when taken together … “You can find one of these pain clinics in a strip center in five minutes,” said Tommy Hastings, a Houston attorney representing the families of four people who died of drug overdoses after going to Houston area pain clinics.

Houston Chronicle

Woodlands power line battle set for trial/Neighborhood of Harper’s Landing girds for courtroom

Harper’s Landing residents opposed to a new overhead power line on the perimeter of their community will get their day in court Monday. The trial, to be held in Judge K. Michael Mayes’ 410th District Court, will pit eight residents of Harper’s Landing against Entergy Texas over the issue of 138-kilovolt overhead power lines going up near their neighborhood … “I’ll reserve comment until after the trial,” said Tommy Hastings, a personal injury attorney in The Woodlands, TX representing residents. “Dozens of people will be very interested in how this case turns out.”

Houston Chronicle

Power struggle surges in The Woodlands/Harper’s Landing neighborhood fights Entergy over electric lines

A Montgomery County judge on Tuesday ordered Entergy to temporarily halt construction of overhead power lines near Harper’s Landing in the Village of College Park and set a trial date for a lawsuit concerning the project. Judge K. Michael Mayes of the 410th District Court granted a temporary injunction against the installation of 138-kilovolt power lines on the perimeter of Harper’s Landing. He set a court trial for May 10 to decide if Entergy was responsible for negligence, nuisances or violations of the covenants of the master-planned community in constructing the transmission lines, said Tommy Hastings, an attorney representing the Harper’s Landing residents.

Fox 26 Investigates

Tommy Hastings speaks on behalf of a Texas resident who died while under the care of Kingwood Pines Hospital after receiving 17 different medications in just 4 days.

Local 2 Investigates

Attorney Tommy Hastings discusses the $9.2 million settlement in a medical malpractice case involving a doctor accused of running a “pill mill.”


Attorney Tommy Hastings discusses the $10 million jury award for the family of a man in Conroe, Texas, who died from an overdose of prescription medication.

Local 2 Investigates

Attorney Tommy Hastings describes how a civil suit he filed helped bring down a doctor running a “pain clinic” that freely distributed dangerous prescription drugs.



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