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If You Have Suffered Due to a Deferred or Delayed Operation, Our Lawyers Can Assist You to Secure Compensation

Operations that are required to help alleviate or cure a health issue should be performed efficiently to ensure further problems do not arise. However, operations are often deferred by medical staff as a result of timetable complications and this can put you in danger of developing infections or other health issues.

The person requiring the operation may require emergency care as a result of the delay. This causes the health risks and costs to rise dramatically. Our attorneys can discover if the delay resulted in further health issues and costs to you and if it was due to a negligent error.

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Hastings Law Firm is made up of experienced lawyers who fight hard to ensure the highest compensation possible is secured for the suffering caused to you and your family. Our commitment to excellent service together with our strong record of success has given us the reputation of being one of the best medical negligence offices in Texas.

When you attend our office, you will be brought into a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our team will develop a personal connection with you and your story to know how your life has changed as a result of the medical error. This means we invest in you on a higher level and are dedicated in ensuring that you receive a successful outcome.

Deferred Operations

Often medical professionals defer diagnosing your health issue and then further prolong your operation. This can cause your health to deteriorate so much that you eventually require an urgent operation. This is usually far more costly and worse, more dangerous for your health. Not identifying your health issue and prolonging your operation is medical negligence and the medical professional should be held responsible.

Drawn-out Operations

Usually an operation is timetabled for a set time but may be prolonged if the doctor decides to do a more rigorous examination. Although this is a valid reason, it also means that a patient can develop further health issues such as infections and nerve compartment injuries. Most of these subsequent health issues mean that the patient requires emergency care.

Some health issues that commonly arise are:

  • Sepsis
  • Bowel perforations
  • Aortic dissection
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Infections
  • Free air in abdominal cavity or chest cavity
  • Bleeding complications after cardiac catheterization

Medical communities try to avoid liability for negligent choices made by its members. Often medical professionals will state that the complication was an inevitable risk of undergoing the operation, when it was actually a mistake. When we pursue compensation, we are not only helping you, we are also trying to stop others suffering as you have by holding the responsible medical professional to account.

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