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Lawyers Fighting Against Inappropriate Assisted-Living Care

Being informed by an assisted-living staff member that your loved one has been lost or left the facility unattended is both alarming and frustrating. Assisted-living staff are entrusted with the safety of your elderly relative and letting patients wander from the facility without assistance is negligence. If you believe your loved one has suffered due to a lack of care by assisted-living staff, call our experience attorneys without delay.

Dedicated Advocacy, Compassion for You and Your Family

Tommy Hastings of Hastings Law Firm, together with his dedicated team, represents clients throughout Texas who have suffered assisted-living mistreatment. He has secured full and fair compensation on behalf of those who have suffered from neglect or abuse. As a board-certified personal injury lawyer, Tommy has been dedicated to the area of medical malpractice for over 10 years.

Our entire office connects with you and your story. We believe that this relaxed manner will make you feel comfortable and it also ensures that our staff personally invest in your family. Building a solid relationship helps us to work all the more diligently to secure justice for you.

Lack of Concentration May Result in Severe Injuries

It is commonly known that assisted-living staff are heavily overworked. As a result, residents are often without supervision for hours giving them time to leave the facility. If your loved one is suffering from memory loss or Alzheimer´s, they could put themselves as risk by getting lost or hurt alone and being unable to explain their situation to anyone.

You have put faith in the assisted-living facility to supervise your vulnerable relative. If this responsibility is neglected, the facility must be held to account. We are here to seek the full compensation that your loved one deserves. By making assisted-living facilities liable for their negligence, we hope to avoid other families suffering as you have.

Call Our Texas Attorneys Handling Lack of Supervision in Assisted-Living Care without Delay

The Hastings Law Firm attorneys are experienced in advocating on behalf of those who have suffered neglect or mistreatment throughout Texas. Vulnerable older clients who have suffered negligence are some of the more heartbreaking cases we deal with, and we are committed to ensuring they are protected and obtain fair and full compensation. We ensure that the negligent parties are held to account for their errors and we hope this makes it clear that assisted-living malpractice will not be tolerated. Contact our medical mistake law firm in Texas at 877-269-4620 or online to arrange a no-cost appointment. We will first provide you with a free consultation to discuss the basis of your case and all of your options moving forward. We further note that most of our clients are charged on a contingency basis. This means that we will not charge you our fee unless we secure compensation for you.



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