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All operations carry the possibility of harm and some risk continues after the procedure. Sadly, a lot of the mistakes that take place during postoperative care are preventable. Often negligent mistakes caused by medical professionals are concealed and excused as “unforeseen issues”. Our attorneys will assist you to ensure your doctor or hospital facility is held to account for harm caused to you or a loved one during postsurgical care.

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Tommy Hastings and the other attorneys of Hastings Law Firm are well-known for diligently fighting medical malpractice lawsuits throughout Texas and obtaining successful outcomes. By securing millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of their clients, they have helped put an end to many damaging processes in the medical community. Tommy has worked in the area of medical negligence for over 10 years and is a board-certified personal injury attorney.

We have created a warm and comfortable environment and all our staff are welcoming and caring. We believe that if our staff develop a personal connection with you and story, they will fully invest in your case. If we understand how you have suffered, we will fight harder to ensure you receive the successful outcome you deserve.

Minor Mistakes with Severe Results

Postsurgical care is a delicate time and a small error can result in severe harm to the patient.

Frequent consequences of negligent mistakes are:

  • Abdominal catastrophes
  • Ileus, colon and bowel perforations
  • Infections
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Blood clots from improperly inserted IV needles

The above health issues can all cause severe injury or worse, death to the patient.

We employ a nurse who will meet with you to work out exactly how your injury occurred. We also analyze your medical history and identify where the negligence has taken place and the parties involved. With over 10 years’ experience in ensuring doctors and hospitals are held liable for their actions, we are able to efficiently identify where and why the negligence has occurred.

The medical community works hard to ensure they have defenses in place to avoid responsibility for malpractice. We are skilled in fighting through these defenses to secure the compensation you deserve for the suffering caused to you and your family.

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The attorneys of The Hastings Law Firm are specialist medical negligence advocates dedicated to representing those who have suffered trauma or loss as a result of malpractice. If you or a family member has suffered as a result of a lack of proper duty of care by your medical professional, we strongly recommend that you call our firm without delay. We will give you a complimentary and confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights and a potential lawsuit. Contact our lawyers focusing on medical errors in Texas at 877-269-4620 or write to us online to arrange your free appointment. We further note that all our clients are charged on a contingency basis. This means that you are not charged our fee unless we secure compensation on your behalf.



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