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Cases Of Bedsores in Hospitals Should Never Happen!

Bedsores, also referred to as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, occur when a bed-ridden patient is not turned regularly. These sores can become infected and very painful if not treated or prevented. Many medical facilities fail to turn patients every couple of hours to prevent these sores from happening. If your family member is covered in bedsores, you should speak with a lawyer experienced in handling these cases.

Experienced Legal Representation, Relaxed and Friendly Attitude

Tommy Hastings of Hastings Law Firm has more than a decade of experience holding those responsible for medical negligence accountable for their actions. He has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for his clients who have been harmed by this negligence. His list of successes is long, and he has the respect of the Texas legal community and the opposition.

Our office is a friendly and welcoming place, full of people who care about what happens to you and your loved one. We all get to know you and what happened so we understand the impact this has had on your whole family. We find that having this relaxed attitude helps us think differently about your case. Having a personal relationship with you makes us fight harder for your cause.

A Preventable Problem

Hospitals are supposed to turn bedridden patients on a regular schedule to prevent bedsores from developing. Under-staffing, lack of communication and a failure on the part of the administration to correct these problems are considered medical malpractice. You have the right to complain and to hold the nursing staff and doctors responsible for what has happened to your family member.

Medical professionals are very good at finding excuses as to why this happens, including “this just happens at this time of life.” This avoidance of their responsibilities is unacceptable. By holding the facility accountable, you may also prevent this negligent behavior from happening to other patients. Our attorneys will guide you through the process and fight for compensation on behalf of you and your loved one.

If You Believe Your Family Member Has Suffered from Bedsores Due to Negligence, Our Lawyers Can Help

The Hastings Law Firm is a dedicated negligence and malpractice law firm helping victims as well as their family members who have experienced injury or loss of life in instances relating to negligence in hospitals. Patients who are bedridden or unable to move themselves are some of the most vulnerable of our clients, and we work tirelessly to make sure that their rights are protected and they receive the justice they deserve. By holding those responsible, accountable for their actions we are able to send a vital message that patient neglect will not be tolerated. Call now our attorney specializing in medical injuries in Texas at 877-269-4620 or write to us online to schedule your free consultation. We are able to provide a totally free and confidential case analysis so that you can identify the best plan of action based on full knowledge of your options. All cases are completed on contingency, so you do not pay a fee until we recover compensation for you.



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