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Personal Injury Attorneys Assisting Those Who Have Suffered Harm

Devastating mistakes resulting from the negligent actions of a third party, such as an accident caused by a distracted driver, can have ongoing consequences on the rest of your life. Those who have suffered harm have the right to ensure that the liable parties are held to account for their negligent actions.

Hastings Law Firm can assist you if you have suffered harm due to negligent actions. Founding lawyer, Tommy Hastings, has a strong history in securing millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of his clients across Texas. Although he has more recently been dedicated to those who have suffered medical negligence or an incorrect implant, he started off as a personal injury lawyer in Houston. He is well-known and respected due to his impressive record of successful verdicts and settlements.

We deal with many different types of personal injury situations, such as:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Defective products
  • Construction accidents
  • Offshore or maritime accidents

Dedicated Advocacy in a Welcoming Environment

We have created a comfortable environment to ensure you will feel welcomed and cared for when you attend our office. This helps our team to develop a personal investment in you and your situation.

Although some may see this view as a weakness, we believe it means that we connect with you on a higher level. Understanding the suffering of you and your family ensures that we are dedicated to obtaining justice for you. We want to help you receive full and fair compensation to improve the future outlook for you and your family.

In-depth Research Into Your Injury or Loss

We have connections with specialists who can recreate your accident and analyze all of the data to prove how the negligent party is responsible for your loss or injury. We also discuss your case with medical specialists to calculate the amount of suffering caused which helps us seek full and fair compensation for you.

The Woodlands, TX Lawyers Here to Assist with Your Personal Injury Case

The lawyers of The Hastings Law Firm specialize in representing victims throughout Texas who have suffered an injury or loss resulting from a lack of duty of care by a third party. We are dedicated to advocating your case and ensuring that you receive a just and fair outcome by making the negligent party account for their errors. Contact us on 877-269-4620 or via online to arrange your first free appointment with us. We will begin with a free consultation to discuss your best options going forward, including your possible lawsuit.



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