Highest Rated Medical Schools in Dallas

Top Rated Dallas Schools for Medical Professionals

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While the Dallas metropolis is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas, the number of medical schools in this city is disproportionate to its size, meaning that aspiring medical students must be strategic in their endeavors to be successful in the area. Although the most common medical schools are directly affiliated with larger academic institutions, several good medical schools seem to operate in a different manner altogether. If you’ve been injured by a medical device or negligence of a medical professional you need the best Dallas medical malpractice law firm in the area.

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Dallas is Home to Many of the Highest Rated Medical Education Facilities in Texas

Apart from the usual medical schools that operate under the auspices of a full-fledged university, some medical schools seem to operate under the wing of large medical institutions or as specialist research centers. Dallas has some of these unique medical schools, which still succeed in offering high-quality medical training similar to that offered at traditional medical schools that operate under universities. Here are several examples of these unique medical schools in Dallas, Texas:

Southwestern Medical School

The Southwestern Medical School operates under the University of Texas Southwestern as a semi-autonomous medical training and research facility. This medical school focuses on research in cancer treatment, strokes, neuroscience, and heart diseases while offering graduate medical students training. Many students who train at the usual University of Texas Southwestern medical center find themselves in this medical school when they decide to upgrade their academic and research qualifications or engage in specialized medical research.

UT Southwestern School of Health Professions
6011 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 645-8250

Texas Neuro Spine Institute

The Texas Neuro Spine Institute exemplifies one of the truly unique medical schools in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in neurological and spinal care methods that combine the least amount of invasiveness and the most superior level of patient comfort. While researching these methods, the specialists involved engage graduate students willing to specialize in these fields of medical care. The Texas Neuro Spine Institute is partly owned by Dr. Giri, whose experience in the neurological treatment of spinal diseases and conditions in enviable. His medical school and treatment center is not currently affiliated with any university or research organizations.

Texas Neuro Spine Institute
1411 N Beckley Ave #474
Dallas, TX 75203
(214) 393-5007

University of Texas Health Science Center

This medical school is affiliated with the University of Texas and aims to impart training and practice skills to graduate students interested in public health. The University of Texas Health Science Center receives many medical students interested in specializing in the field of public health sciences. It also combines the professional and research facilities of the universities of Texas and Texas Southwestern to provide medical students with optimum training. The range of certifications available from this medical school includes certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and post-graduate qualifications.

The University of Texas School of Public Health in Dallas
6011 Harry Hines Blvd V8.112
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 648-1080

Finding the Right Texas Medical School

Because of the relative shortage of traditional medical schools in Dallas, many training institutions have arisen to meet the needs of prospective medical students and ambitious medical staff. Some of these medical schools are stand-along training facilities while others offer graduate medical students and practicing physicians with research opportunities. Some of the institutions still rely on affiliation with universities but operate semi-autonomously. The Dallas area has several of these medical schools, such as the Southwestern Medical School, the Texas Neuro Spine Institute, and the University of Texas Health Science Center. Be sure to check out Part Two of our Best Medical Schools in Dallas.

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