Diocto Recalled Again for Infection Risk

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Almost one year after a previous recall, Rugby Laboratories is issuing another voluntary recall of their Diocto syrup laxatives and stool softeners. All lots of the product are involved in this recall.

Diocto Liquid, also known as docusate sodium, is a laxative given mainly to patients in the hospital recovering from heart attacks or surgery. The contaminated products were distributed to both retailers and hospitals. Stool softeners make it easier for the body to absorb water into the intestinal tract, thereby softening the stool so patients don’t experience pain or discomfort after surgery, trauma, or giving birth.

As stated by one of the greatest law firms focusing on medical errors in Houston, TX, last year, Diocto Stool Softener products were recalled for the first time due to the presence Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) infections related to use of the laxative and stool softener products. Unopened bottles of the liquid laxative tested positive for the bacteria. Altogether the outbreak consisted of 60 infections spanning eight states. In last year’s case the manufacturer, PharmaTech LLC, recalled all of their liquid products for the same reason after several reports had been made of infections.

B. cepacia is an infection causing antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can cause pneumonia, especially in the chronically ill or those suffering from compromised immune conditions. According to the FDA, “If a product contains B. cepacia, its use could result in infections in patients with compromised immune systems and in patients with chronic lung conditions such as cystic fibrosis.”

B. cepacia is commonly found in nature, mainly in water and soil supplies. While it is unusual for healthy adults to become infected with the bacteria and such infections, exposure to the bacteria can result in infection, and it can be difficult to treat. What’s more, the infection can be fatal in about 42% of cases, especially in people who are already sick.

After investigations following last year’s recall, the bacteria was found to have originated in contaminated water at PharmaTech, where the Diocto products were made. The company has informed the FDA of its voluntary recall, and the FDA is urging people to examine their stool softener and laxative products and immediately stop using them to ensure they aren’t from the manufacturer, PharmaTech LLC. Unfortunately, the same bacteria has surfaced again, causing several reports of infections across the country.

It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of B. cepacia to determine if you could have been infected from using the stool softening product, particularly if you have an immune condition. Such signs and symptoms include fever, coughing, congestion, wheezing and shortness of breath. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your health professional right away. It’s also important to report any signs and symptoms to the FDA for reporting purposes. The FDA is also welcoming questions and concerns from the public related to this B. cepacia outbreak.

Hastings Law Firm are heading up a country-wide lawsuit against the makers of Diocto on behalf of the patients who have been diagnosed with B. cepacia, and their families.

Our Law Firm is Here to Help Diocto Victims

Burkholderia cepacia infections are serious and can be life-threatening! If you or someone you know has been the victim of this recall, our Houston lawyer specializing in medical mistakes will help. It’s unacceptable for a pharmaceutical company to have not one, but two recalls of their products due to contamination of dangerous bacteria. The Hastings Law Firm is interviewing potential cases involving Diocto injuries across all 50 states. There are currently over 60 cases of infectious outbreaks linked to Diocto and related products. If you or a loved one has contracted a B. Cepacia bacterial infection from exposure to tainted medicines contact our attorneys immediately.



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