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Have you or a loved one developed a serious bacterial infection after taking or being prescribed Diocto Liquid (also known as docusate sodium)? Diocto Liquid, a stool-softening product manufactured by PharmaTech LLC and Rugby Laboratories, is suspected to be involved in several instances wherein individuals have contracted a Burkholderia cepacia infection after allegedly using the product.

Burkholderia cepacia infections can be serious or even fatal. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with and/or treated for a Burkholderia cepacia infection and you had previously utilized Rugby-brand Diocto Liquid, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Rugby Diocto Recall Information & Timeline

  • July 15th, 2016 – PharmaTech LLC voluntarily recalls Rugby® brand Diocto Liquid from lot #NDC 0536-0590-85 due to risk of contamination with Burkholderia Cepacia bacteria. View Document
  • August 8th, 2016 – PharmaTech LLC extends drug recall to include over 100 products under the Rugby and Major brand names including liquid vitamins & Senexon products. View Document
  • August 2nd, 2017 – Rugby® Laboratories issues a nationwide recall of ALL Diocto products including those distributed by wholesale and retail facilities. View Document
  • August 11th, 2017 – PharmaTech LLC extends their product recall to include additional liquid products produced by Rugby Laboratories, Major Pharmaceuticals and Leader brands. View Document

What is a Burkholderia Cepacia Infection?

Burkholderia cepacia (or simply B. cepacia) is a bacterium that is commonly found in water and soil. This bacterium usually poses a very slight health risk to a healthy adult with a functioning immune system. However, when a person who has a chronic lung condition (such as cystic fibrosis) and/or who has a compromised immune system, a B. cepacia infection can be serious – even deadly. The symptoms of a B. cepacia infection can appear innocuous at first: coughing, wheezing, fever, shortness of breath, and/or congestion. Once a B. cepacia infection takes hold in the lungs of an individual, it can be difficult to treat the person. Part of this difficulty is due to the fact that B. cepacia infections are resistant to antibiotics. An infection may be able to be successfully treated using a combination of antibiotics, and generally-accepted infection-control practices performed by individuals with certain lung conditions and/or weakened immune systems (and those who work with and around such individuals) can reduce the likelihood of a B. cepacia infection in the first place.

What Do We Know About Diocto Liquid and B. Cepacia Infections?

Diocto Liquid is a docusate sodium solution used as a stool softener and commonly used to treat constipation. Diocto Liquid is manufactured by PharmaTech LLC and marketed under the Rugby brand. This is a product that is sold to consumers for direct use as well as to hospitals and medical facilities for administration to patients. After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received several complaints by consumers who complained of developing B. cepacia infections after using Diocto Liquid, PharmaTech LLC and Rugby Laboratories announced a voluntary recall of lots of the companies’ Diocto Liquid and Diocto syrup products. A voluntary recall simply means that the recall is a voluntary action and choice of the products’ manufacturers and is not the result of the direction of the government.

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What Should I Do if I Have Diocto Liquid in My Possession?

If you or a loved one have purchased or been given Rugby-brand Diocto Liquid or Diocto syrup, it is recommended that you consider discontinuing use of these products immediately. (If you were told to take these products by your doctor or healthcare provider, speak with this person first before discontinuing use of Diocto Liquid or Diocto syrup.) PharmaTech LLC and Rugby Laboratories have begun attempts to identify individuals and/or entities who may have come into possession of potentially-contaminated products and provide these people and/or businesses and facilities with instructions for returning any applicable product they may have to the manufacturers. Those who have questions about this recall or what actions they should take can speak with the manufacturers by calling (800) 645-2158.

I Was Diagnosed with a B. Cepacia Infection After Using Diocto Liquid – What Happens Now?

If you or a loved one live in Texas and you used or were given Rugby-brand Diocto Liquid and you thereafter developed a B. cepacia infection, you may have legal rights. These rights may include the right to file a lawsuit in Texas and pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries, losses, and expenses. This compensation can assist you in addressing:

  • Any medical expenses and treatment costs you incurred in treating your B. cepacia infection;
  • Any costs you incurred if you needed to be hospitalized (or if your hospitalization stay was extended) because of an infection;
  • Lost wages you were not able to earn because you missed work and instead needed medical care and attention;
  • Lost future earnings if you are not able to earn because you cannot return to your former employment and/or you must accept a less-demanding – and less-paying – job as a result of limitations related to your infection;
  • Pain, mental anguish, and/or suffering you experienced; and/or
  • Any other economic or noneconomic loss you might have experienced that is attributable to your B. cepacia infection.

The cases of Texas residents who may have developed a B. cepacia infection after consuming Diocto Liquid or Diocto syrup are currently being evaluated. Where medical records or other evidence show that an individual’s B. cepacia infection is in fact the result of the use and consumption of Diocto Liquid or Diocto syrup, a lawsuit may be filed and sustained.

Requirements for a Bacterial Infection Lawsuit

In order to pursue a claim for a bacterial infection from a medication, medical device, or hospital stay, you must be able to prove a source of contamination such as a medical product, medication, or a person.

Additionally, if you contracted an infection and and an untimely diagnosis or misdiagnosis resulted in injury, you may have a viable claim.

How Do I Know if I’m Entitled to Compensation and How Quickly Can I Be Compensated?

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Because any medical-related lawsuit involves a review of highly-technical medical records and documentation and may require a consultation with one or more medical experts, it is highly advisable to speak with our Texas Diocto lawsuit attorneys and review the evidence in your case as soon as possible. Your attorney at Hastings Law Firm will analyze any medical records or other paperwork you may have in your possession (including any receipts you may have showing when you purchased Diocto Liquid and/or Diocto syrup and/or empty containers of these products) and may take steps to request additional information or evaluation of your claim.

If your claim is determined to be supported by evidence and records, a lawsuit may be filed on your behalf. The strength of this evidence and these records will be one of the primary factors determining how quickly your lawsuit will settle. Where the link between your use of Diocto Liquid or Diocto syrup is clear, your case may be resolved rather quickly. Otherwise, it may be several months before your case is concluded and you obtain compensation – so it is important to take prompt action.

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