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Was Your Child Injured Due to a Delayed Or Untimely C-Section?

A Cesarean section, commonly referred to as a “C-section,” is a surgical procedure performed when a baby is in distress during birth or when problems are identified prior to birth that will prevent the baby from having a smooth delivery. Doctors are trained to be aware of these possibilities and know what they mean for the life and health of the child. Sometimes, doctors are negligent and cause birth injuries involving delayed or untimely C-sections.

Protecting Your Rights When Your Child Has Been Injured

At Hastings Law Firm, our attorneys are aggressive in their protection of your rights and interests after your child has suffered a birth injury. We have obtained millions of dollars for families who have been victims of medical malpractice all over the state of Texas with the representation of our baby injury law firm in Houston. Our extensive list of successes shows our dedication to holding members of the medical establishment liable for their negligence.

Everyone in our office gets to know you and your family. We form a personal relationship with you so we understand how your child’s birth injury has affected all of you. We find that this helps us think differently about you and your case. We are more dedicated to your cause when we know what’s at stake.

An Important Decision with A Big Impact

Once doctors make the decision to perform a cesarean section, they have about 30 minutes to act. Waiting longer than that can cause harm to the baby. Some conditions require that the C-section is performed right away. If a doctor fails to recognize the symptoms that may lead to birth injury, or delays making the right call, he or she should be held accountable for that mistake.

Common Reasons to Perform a C-section Include:

  • Fetal distress
  • Slow fetal heart rate
  • Placenta previa
  • Uterine rupture
  • Umbilical cord prolapse
  • Slow progress of labor
  • Failure to progress in labor

Doctors can miss the symptoms that indicate any of these problems. Improper fetal monitoring and failure to communicate clearly with birthing staff are both regular mistakes in emergency situations. Delaying the decision to operate until it is too late and the harm is already done is another.

Doctors, nurses, hospitals and birthing centers all hide behind the barrage of excuses the medical establishment has created to protect itself from liability. But mistakes are made and covered up frequently. Our lawyers hold members of the medical community accountable for those mistakes. Our medical knowledge helps us pinpoint where the mistake occurred and how the standard of care was deviated from. We hold your doctor accountable and gain the compensation you will need to care for your permanently injured child.

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