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Cerebral Palsy Can Be the Result of Medical Negligence — Our Lawyers Will Pursue Justice On Your Behalf

Cerebral palsy is a catch-all term for a specific group of conditions and symptoms caused by congenital defects or birth injury. It occurs in approximately two out of every 1,000 births and can be caused by medical negligence. If you believe that your baby’s cerebral palsy is the result of poor monitoring during birth or error on the part of the doctor during delivery, you need to consult with a Houston attorney experienced in handling cerebral palsy cases.

If you have a child with cerebral palsy that may have been caused by the negligence of your doctor, it is important to talk with an experienced Houston delivery injury attorney to determine whether the birth injury could have been prevented.

Welcoming You and Your Family While Tenaciously Pursuing Justice On Your Behalf

Tommy Hastings of Hastings Law Firm focuses primarily on helping the victims of medical malpractice. He has an extensive track record of success and has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for his clients. For more than a decade, he has helped individuals and families who have been harmed by negligent behavior on the part of the medical community and has held medical professionals to the higher standard they profess to serve.

Everyone at our office will welcome you and get to know you and your family. Our friendly, welcoming atmosphere will put you at ease. We find that our more relaxed attitude helps us think differently about you and your case. By understanding the impact your child’s injury has on you, your child and your family, we are more invested in seeking a positive outcome for all of you.

Common Causes of Cerebral Palsy

While cerebral palsy can simply occur in a child, in some cases it is the result of errors made by doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Some possible causes for cerebral palsy include:

  • Failure to perform a cesarean section in a timely manner
  • Leaving the child in the birth canal for an extended period
  • Lack of oxygen to the child during labor and delivery
  • Misuse of forceps or vacuum, resulting in birth trauma
  • Failure to recognize and rectify a prolapsed umbilical cord

It is important to have a medical expert review your child’s medical records to determine if cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence. Our lawyers consult with these experts to ensure that you have answers as to what happened and why. We will pursue compensation on your behalf and hold those responsible for the harm done to your child accountable for their actions.

If You Believe Your Child’s Birth Injury Was Caused By Negligence, Our Texas Attorneys Can Help

The attorneys at The Hastings Law Firm are experts in representing families and victims of medical malpractice throughout Texas. If you suspect that your baby suffered a birth-related injury because a physician, healthcare professional, or hospital did not execute their responsibilities properly, we urge you to make contact with our office without delay. We are able to provide you with a free and private case examination so that you can determine the best plan of action based on full understanding of your options. Call our medical mistake law firm in Houston, TX now at 877-269-4620 or contact us on the web to schedule your no cost initial consultation. We undertake most cases on contingency fee, which means our clients spend nothing out of pocket for us to carry out their lawsuit.



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