Proving Causation In Medical Malpractice

How Can You Show the Cause & Effect in a Medical Negligence Lawsuit?

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You have discovered that you host an incurable disease and your hospital should have diagnosed it six months before when you first developed signs of the disease. Or you had an operation and now you have ongoing agony as a result of improper postsurgical care. You’re aware that you have suffered medical negligence and you now need to provide evidence.

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The attorneys of Hastings Law Firm have been demonstrating in lawsuits as to how a negligent mistake has caused a specific injury for over 10 years. We are highly experienced in the complex area of medical malpractice and this enables us to determine how a mistake has happened and who is responsible. We represent those who, like you, have sustained harm due to malpractice and we have secured millions of dollars on their behalf. Our impressive record of victories demonstrates how committed we are to ensuring responsible medical professionals are held accountable.

Our firm is a comfortable and relaxed office. All of our staff connect with you and your story and this helps us learn how you have suffered as a result of the harm done to you. We find that this means we invest in you on a personal level and are all the more dedicated to work hard for justice on your behalf.

The 50% Mandate

Throughout Texas, the 50% mandate is how responsibility is decided in medical malpractice cases. For example, if two vehicles crash and one is clearly responsible but no injury was caused, one driver is responsible but there is no lawsuit if there is no injury or loss. This is how medical negligence cases are argued also. You must have evidence that the negligent action caused damage to you at a rate of 50% or higher.

Analyzing all of your medical data helps us prove causation. We also review relevant medical articles and numerical data. Our lawyers can ask for a second medical opinion if necessary. We also discuss your case with medical experts to see if your doctor or hospital strayed from their duty of care to you.

Our findings, together with a calculation of the extra expense resulting from the harm to you, are used to pursue the highest possible compensation on your behalf.

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