On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Doctor Errors on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

Labor can be an intense and trying experience for pregnant women, and some women in labor also require swift medical intervention in order to protect the lives of both the mother and her child. However, one Texas woman alleges that she did not receive any medical help during labor at all. In fact, she says that she almost gave birth by herself, and has since filed a medical malpractice against the facility where the incident occurred.

While in jail after an arrest for drug possession, the almost full term pregnant woman says she began to feel a significant amount of pain and cramping. An on-duty nurse at the jail examined her but decided that she wasn’t actually in labor. According to the suit that she filed, she was then made to spend a night in solitary confinement.

The complaint further states that the pains associated with labor intensified throughout the night. Apparently, despite her attempts to get the attention of the guards, no medical attention was given to her. At almost 5 a.m. the following morning, a passing guard had to help deliver the baby, who at the time of the birth was born with its umbilical cord around its neck. She also alleges that her baby wasn’t breathing, and no one attempted to perform CPR on her newborn. The baby was taken to a nearby hospital, where it was pronounced dead.

The woman claims that she was left in solitary confinement without any medical attention, even after she had given birth and her child was taken to the hospital. She also alleges that she was denied reasonable medical care by this Texas jail and county. The successful litigation of a medical malpractice claim can help ease the long-reaching psychological trauma that the likely unnecessary loss of a child can cause. It may also provide financial relief for medical bills to treat any resulting physical injuries, as well as a monetary sum for other financial losses occasioned by neglectful medical care.

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