Top 10 Must See Landmarks in Houston, Texas

Houston’s Best Points of Interest for Residents and Visitors

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Houston is a big city with as wealth of activities and interesting sights to see. Whether it’s sampling art, savory barbecue, or indulging in upscale shopping, the city has a lot to offer to travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, lovers, and even families. If you are planning travelling to visit Houston Texas, here is a list of some of the top things to do and must see landmarks in the area. Brought to you by Houston medical malpractice attorneys at Hastings Law Firm.

Hermann Park

Located in the heart of Houston Texas, this park hosts more than six million visitors every year. This 445-acre park is the most significant public green space in Houston. Here, you will almost see all that Houston has to offer in just one spot ranging from Herman Park golf course, Houston garden centre, Houston Zoo, and the Houston Museum of natural sciences. While there, you can also rent a boat, feed ducks, and even take a train ride.

The Galleria

Being the top shopping destination in Houston, the Galleria receives over 30 million visitors every year. Thanks to its architectural style that was modelled after the Galleria Viitorio Emanuele in Milan, this shopping destination is well respected internationally. Having over 400 fine stores, hotels, and restaurants, it is the perfect venue for all the leading names in apparel.

river oaks theatre landmark houstonBuffalo Bayou

The Buffalo Bayou refers to a 52-mile waterway originating from Katy in Texas and travelling all the way to the River Oaks area in Houston. A popular area for recreation is the 10-mile stretch leading from the Shepherd Dive into the Port of Houston. There are various attractions in this park including natural landscapes, hiking and walking trails, skateboarding park, a tributary, a dog park, and a nature-inspired playground and picnic pavilion.

Kemah Boardwalk

Located just 20 miles from Downtown Houston Texas, this is where all the music, rides, and shops all come together. This is the best place to cool off in the sea breeze while exploring an aquarium full of Caribbean Sea life. Here, you can also take out the kids to ride on a roller coaster while enjoying the views from the top of a huge ferry. There is also plenty of water to splash in the beautiful Galveston Bay.

Houston Zoo

With a collection of over 6,000 animals including elephants, rhinos, red pandas, and chimpanzees, your trip to Houston wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Houston Zoo. If you have your kids with you, the children’s zoo has a playground, live shows, and a petting zoo all geared towards little children. Throughout the year, this zoo provides hours of interactive adventure to both children and adults.

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium has plenty to discover from land-side attractions to temple exhibits. This amazing aquarium is home to the lion fish, puffer fish, gators, piranhas, and sharks. Heading to the Maharaja’s temple exhibit, you will be able to see white tigers up and close.

8th Wonder Brewery

Named after the city’s iconic Astrodome, this is where you can check out all of your favourite beers as you socialise with the unique brewers. This brewery started offering tours in 2013. While in the EaDo, you can make a stop here and take a brewery tour where you can also enjoy fresh beers straight from the tap.

Adara Medical Spa

With certified and highly trained dermatologists, this is a perfect spa in Houston Texas. With a wide range of treatments all performed in the most relaxing environment, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy getting serviced. You can choose from the variety of services they offer including facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and massages.

American Cowboy Museum

This is a museum that was established with the aim of preserving the western heritage of the native blacks, Americans, and Hispanics. Located in the Century-Euro Taylor-Stevenson Ranch, the American cowboy museum exhibits oral historians and also tours in the efforts of preserving this rich history of the west.

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Children’s Museum of Houston

Just like its name suggests, this museum features interactive exhibits for the kids. It is located north East of the Herman Park and is regarded by many as a play place which makes it even more engaging for kids. The museum’s most popular exhibits include the kidtropolis, an 18-floor cauldron, and an outdoor area for doing everything including bug collection.