The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Austin Texas

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Who doesn’t love a good coffee? Either hot or cold, there’s nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning or after lunch. If you happen to be a coffee lover, like our Austin medical injury lawyers, you most certainly enjoy preparing it yourself at home daily. However, coffee enthusiasts know that occasionally going to a coffee shop is a must.

Why? Because it constitutes a great opportunity to discover new places, new types of coffee, and even new people. If you ever feel the urge to visit an Austin coffee shop, here’s a list of the best ones.

What are the Top Coffee Shops in Austin?

Cafe Nena’i

This beautiful, cozy coffee shop is located on the East Side of Austin, Texas. They offer a homemade menu to complement your coffee choice. Their antique decorations and tableware, along with the warmest illumination, make this place seem rustic, ancient, and welcoming. Though it’s a long drive from our Austin medical injury law firm, we do love to make the trip from time to time.

It is run by a daughter and her mother. They pursued and achieved their dream: to own a cute, little coffee shop where coffee lovers and people who enjoy Latin American food are welcomed in. The majority of their menu consists of foods from Argentina and Paraguay, but occasionally they also give new foods and flavors a try.

1700 Montopolis Dr, Austin, TX 78741

Spokesman – South

Spokesman is a coffee and beer chain store with different locations in Austin: South – our target one -, Highland and Metric. However, they now offer to ship to anywhere in the U.S. You may also opt to make an order and then pick it up at the store! You can buy from them different types of coffee, even wholesale, and merchandise such as cups or shirts.

With over 700 reviews in Google and 4.7 stars out of 5, clients are more than satisfied with Spokesman South. They rock a very modern vibe that attracts young – and not so young! – people. This Austin coffee shop provides plenty of outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy warm, nice days. And everyone seems to agree on something: the staff is lovely!

440 E St Elmo Rd A-2, Austin, TX 78745

Trianon Coffee

This café offers customers a wide variety of coffee – over 30 flavors. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you will love it here. You are sure to find something that fits your preferences and taste.

On their online store, you can order almost any type of coffee. Either organic, premium, decaffeinated, or micro-lots, they have it all. Furthermore, they are environmentally conscious, as they demonstrate with their organic coffees. This does not mean that they sacrifice taste – quite the contrary. Their customers are more than satisfied with the deliciousness of their products, and the reviews on Google are nothing but positive.

Customers also love the art hanging on their walls, which provides a very original touch. Located in a pleasant, convenient, fairly spacious location, they are a coffee shop you should bet on.

3654 Bee Cave Rd Ste A, Austin, TX 78746

Houndstooth Coffee

Only the best coffee, tea, beer, wine, and pastries are served at Houndstooth. Sustainable products are sourced from the world’s finest estates, farms, and provinces by local vendors. They are committed to being environmentally friendly and supporting the local economy, which is great.

Their E MLK cafe and Rock Rose cafe both have a full drink menu. Their baristas and bartenders are ready to make customers a shot, alcoholic or caffeinated, or a combination of the two. They offer over 10 different types of coffee, as well as tea.

Customers claim that the prices are a bit expensive, but they keep coming back. Why? Because they are provided with some high-quality, delicious cups of espresso drinks. And if you love that place as much as its regular, loyal clients do, you can even apply for a career at Houndstooth Coffee.

4200 N Lamar Blvd STE 120, Austin, TX 78756

Barrett’s Coffee

This one is a coffee shop that specializes in coffee and cold brew. Like others on this list, Barrett’s Coffee is committed to the environment, with a zero-waste policy on certain features and products.

You can buy their coffee online as they do local delivery. If you prefer to walk there, you can pick it up at the store or drink it there while enjoying the coziness. It’s up to you, but we recommend you stick around for a while.

Customers love the place. Many of them buy bags of coffee there to prepare it at home. According to them, it’s sustainable and welcoming, and their coffee tastes amazing. What else can you hope for? If you are searching for an Austin coffee shop, you must visit this one.

713 W St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752

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