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A Delayed or Prolonged Surgery Can Quickly Become an Emergency — Let Our Attorneys Help You Recover the Costs

Once a health problem is identified as requiring surgery, it should be handled quickly to prevent further complications. Unfortunately, many doctors and hospitals delay surgery because of scheduling issues or schedule prolonged surgeries, exposing the patient to risk of infection and other problems.

Many of these patients end up in the emergency room in the long run. The expense and risk of harm increase drastically when this occurs. Our lawyers can determine if your delayed or prolonged surgery caused more damage and was the result of negligence.

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When you come in to speak with us, you will be welcomed by everyone in our office. We will all get to know you and hear your story so we understand how this negligence has impacted your life. This understanding helps us think differently about you and your case. The more involved we are, the harder we will fight for your cause.

Delayed Surgery

Many doctors delay a diagnosis of your condition and then delay the surgery once that diagnosis is made. Eventually your condition becomes so severe, you end up in emergency surgery, which can be much more expensive than a scheduled surgery and may result in further complications. This failure to diagnose along with delayed surgery is negligent behavior and the doctor should be held accountable.

Prolonged Surgery

Surgery is typically scheduled for a certain amount of time. However, doctors have the option to prolong that window so they can be thorough. While this is prudent, it also exposes patients to infection, nerve compartment injuries and a host of other operative or postoperative health issues, most of which result in an emergency room visit.

Common Injuries Resulting From Delayed or Prolonged Surgery Include:

  • Sepsis
  • Bowel perforations
  • Aortic dissection
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Infections
  • Free air in abdominal cavity or chest cavity
  • Bleeding complications after cardiac catheterization

The medical establishment goes out of its way to deny responsibility for these decisions and the resulting complications. Many doctors will claim these situations are unavoidable and are a hazard of surgery, when really, they are the result of negligence. By pursuing compensation on your behalf, we are not only holding these doctors accountable for their actions, we are also potentially preventing harm to others in the future.

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