On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Surgical Errors on Thursday, January 16, 2014.

Most patients who go in for a surgery expect their surgeon to be knowledgeable and prepared to address any complications that may arise. Sadly, things do not always go as expected, and some patients might experience serious injuries due to surgical errors. A Texas neurosurgeon is facing accusations that he acted in the exact opposite of such safety expectations.

The Texas Medical board claims that a Texas neurosurgeon seriously mishandled at least six surgical cases. The alleged errors include that he failed to properly address complications as they arose, as well as simple mistakes in diagnostics. While there is no evidence to support their conclusion, the board also suspects that alcohol or drugs may have played a role in some of the mishandled surgeries.

The surgical errors resulted in the death of two of his patients. While the neurosurgeon never admitted to any of the allegations made against him, he chose to sign an agreement that revoked his medical license so long as the investigation was ended. Under Texas state law, he may reapply for his license in a year’s time, but the board has made it clear that the fact that he can reapply does not automatically translate to him receiving it.

When complications arise as the result of surgical errors, the results can be traumatizing for patients. Often, these errors are accompanied by not just a significant physical toll, but also financial and emotional pain as well. When a surgeon is alleged to have acted negligently, such as this Texas neurosurgeon, victims may find that filing a medical malpractice claim could be a positive step toward recovery. When financial woes are eased, the process to healing may be a little easier for some.

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