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Injured Due to Hospital Negligence in Texas? We’re Here to Help!

Far too many who require a hospital stay suffer from injuries or illnesses every year due to a lack of duty of care by medical professionals. The harm caused is preventable and often the medical community only feels the incentive to better its practices if a dedicated attorney ensures it is made to account for its actions.

Tommy Hastings is a board-certified personal injury attorney at Hastings Law Firm and he has assisted many victims of medical negligence secure the compensation they deserve. Together with his team, Tommy has obtained millions of dollars for clients across Texas and holds an impressive record of victorious trials and negotiations. He has over 10 years’ experience in the area of medical malpractice law and holds a well-deserved reputation of ensuring that responsible parties are held liable for their mistakes.

We have created a welcoming and warm office and our team is here to connect with you and your situation. Some may view this relationship as too relaxed. However, we believe it helps our staff to invest in your case on a higher level and ensures we provide you with the strong and diligent advocacy you deserve.

Medical Centers Are Often Unsafe

We believe that medical centers are places where patients go to receive medical care. However, often a stay in one can result in health issues that are equal or worse than the original illness. Lack of education, insufficient staff and bad communication are all factors that can put a patient at risk of the following:

  • Infection
  • Medication errors
  • Bedsores
  • Patient falls

Medical establishments conceal their errors and often state that the situation resulted from “unforeseen difficulties”. If a negligent error has resulted in an injury to you, you deserve to seek compensation for the suffering caused. We are here to assist you with your claim.

Our medical specialists ascertain exactly what happened and why. We then calculate the harm caused to you, including medical expenses, and use this to ensure that the negligent party is held responsible. It is our hope that this ensures an improvement in the standard of care to stop another patient suffering as you have.

Contact Our Office for Assistance If You Have Suffered Due to Medical Negligence

The attorneys of The Hastings Law Firm are experienced in the area of medical negligence throughout Texas. We help victims of medical malpractice secure the compensation they deserve for an injury or loss. If you believe that you or a family member have suffered harm as a result of a lack of duty of care by a medical professional, we recommend that you contact us without delay to discuss a potential lawsuit. We will give you a complimentary and private initial consultation where we can help you understand your legal rights and your options going forward. Call us on 877-269-4620 or contact us on the web to arrange your free first appointment. We charge our clients on a contingency basis and this means that you will not be charged our fee unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.