On behalf of Hastings Law Firm Houston. posted in Doctor Errors on Monday, June 23, 2014.

While prescription medications are wonderful advancements of science intended for the treating and managing of many healthcare needs, the use of the wrong medication for the wrong ailment can end disastrously. A Texas man unfortunately learned this after he was reportedly issued a medication that he should not have received. After suffering serious injury, the man filed a medical malpractice suit against the pharmacy that apparently issued the erroneous prescription.

A Texas area hospital diagnosed the 65-year-old man with pink eye and prescribed him an eye drop commonly used to treat it. He took the prescription to a CVS to be filled and then used the medication that he received according to the instructions included with the packaging. After using the drops, he apparently began to experience an intense amount of pain and quickly returned to the hospital.

The lawsuit claims that the pharmacy issued this man drops intended to treat ear infections instead of the eye drops to treat his pink eye. The ear drops that he was mistakenly issued are clearly documented as being unsafe for use in eyes. Unfortunately, this man lost his eyesight in one eye after using the drops.

A representative for the man claims that CVS has yet to comment on the mistake that the suit claims cost him half of his eyesight, but the plaintiff hopes that his recently filed medical malpractice claim will prompt them to respond. There is little doubt that issuing the wrong medication to a patient can cause severe and long-lasting injuries that can affect an individual’s ability to function the way they may have previously done. Although Texas caps claims of malpractice to $250,000, the successful litigation of such a claim can still provide crucial financial recourse to an individual who has suffered after being issued the wrong prescription.

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