Texas Stillbirth Malpractice Attorney

If Your Baby Was Stillborn or Suffered a Birth Injury That Resulted In Fetal Death, You May Have Suffered As a Result Of Medical Negligence

Tragically, sometimes a baby passes away immediately or just after they have been delivered. This tragedy can be made even more painful if you discover that your baby´s death was the preventable result of a birth injury caused by medical staff. Fetal death or stillbirth can be the result of medical malpractice and you deserve to ensure that those responsible are held to account for their negligent errors.

Tenacious Representation with a Sympathetic Team

The team at Hastings Law Firm P.C. acknowledges the heartache your family is suffering. We have assisted many other families throughout Texas who have experienced the same pain obtain the highest level of compensation for the death of their baby. Our dedicated lawyers have worked for over 10 years in this area and hold a strong record of successful settlements and verdicts which in turn, have ensured that the responsible medical professionals are held to account for their mistakes.

Our team takes a personal interest in the tragic loss you and your family have experienced. We have created a welcoming and relaxed environment and we are here to help you obtain justice. When our team takes a personal interest in you and your case, it ensures that we are invested to fight hard to obtain a successful outcome for you.

Causes That Can Result In the Tragic Death of a Newborn

Due to technological advances, fetal death or stillbirth resulting from birth injuries are not as common anymore. Therefore, it is more likely that those tragedies that do occur result from medical malpractice. Unfortunately, there are many causes that may result in the death of a newborn, including:

  • Inappropriate care during pregnancy
  • Not running the correct tests
  • Not identifying that the fetus has an underlying condition
  • Not operating on the baby quickly enough after delivery
  • A birth injury caused during the birth

The medical community tries to hide behind a wall of excuses and defenses. However, they were responsible for the life of your baby and they failed in their duty. You and your baby are entitled to justice. Our attorneys are here to ensure that you get it.

We have considerable knowledge of the medical world and we use this to pinpoint where the negligent error occurred and how the medical professional failed in their duty of care to you and your baby. This means that we are able to ensure the responsible parties are held accountable for the death of your baby and the suffering caused to you and your family. Accordingly, we will pursue the highest possible compensation for you.

Call Our Office to Arrange an Initial Complementary Appointment with Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys

At Hastings Law Firm, we have a tenacious medical malpractice team who has represented many individuals and their families who have suffered injury or loss as a result of a birth injury. If you believe that your baby has sustained a birth injury as a result of medical malpractice, we strongly recommend that you contact our experienced lawyers immediately to discuss your case and legal rights. We will provide you with an initial complementary consultation where we can discuss your options moving forward. Call our office at 281-466-1396 or write to us at our website to arrange your first appointment. We further note that we charge all cases on a contingency basis. This means that do you not pay our fee unless we secure compensation on your behalf.