Birth Injury Compensation in Houston Texas

What Compensation Is Available For My Child’s Birth Injury?

The most important concern for parents with children who have suffered birth injuries is, “how can we afford to take care of our kid?” Insurance companies don’t want to pay for the full cost of a birth injury, especially over a child’s lifetime. Medical care, adaptive equipment, in-home care and many other things associated with a birth injury are very expensive. You need to consult with a lawyer regarding your eligibility for compensation for the harm done to your child.

Aggressive Advocates for You and Your Family

At Hastings Law Firm our Houston birth injury attorneys understand how hard it can be to care for a child with a birth injury. We have helped many families hold doctors, nurses, birthing centers and hospitals accountable for negligent behavior that caused these devastating injuries. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for Texas families. We are proud of the extensive list of successes we have to our firm’s name.

Everyone in our office welcomes you and makes you feel at home. We get to know you and your family so we can see the impact your child’s birth injury has on all of you. By doing this, we are able to think differently about you and your case. Knowing you and your situation makes us more invested in fighting for you.

Helping You Take Care of Your Child

Many people ask us, “what compensation is available for my child’s birth injury?” Much of it will depend on the extent of the injury and how it will affect your child’s life. An injury like Erb’s palsy, from which your child may recover over time, will yield less than if your child has cerebral palsy. We will calculate the full cost of your child’s birth injury over his or her lifetime and pursue maximum compensation for you and your family.

Birth Injury Compensation Can Include:

  • Medical care
  • Hospital visits
  • Home health care
  • Testing
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Home renovations to make your house accessible for your child

We include money to pay for future breakthroughs in treatment as well as lost wages for your child so he or she can be cared for past his or her majority. We also include pain and suffering for your child and for you, as well as contingencies for you and your spouse, should you pass away prior to your child coming of age.

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The Hastings Law Firm specializes in medical malpractice lawsuits across Texas. Our birth injury attorneys in Houston assist families who have sustained loss or trauma resulting from a birth injury receive the compensation they deserve. If you suspect that your little one sustained a birth-related injury because a physician, medical professional, or healthcare facility did not perform their duties properly, we urge you to contact our office without delay. We will start with a no cost case assessment where we can go over the important aspects in your potential case and help you understand your rights. Call now at 877-269-4620 or contact us on the web to schedule your no cost initial consultation. All cases are completed on contingency, so you do not pay a fee until we recover compensation for you.