On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Surgical Errors on Thursday, December 26, 2013.

When individuals in Texas seek medical attention, they expect for their doctors, nurses or surgeons to treat them with the utmost care, respect and dedication. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes, and for healthcare providers, mistakes can lead to serious illness, injury or even death. For one Texas woman, a surgical mistake has caused her both financial and physical distress.

The lawsuit filed by the woman claims that a surgeon injured both the bile and hepatic ducts during a cholecystectomy operation to remove her gallbladder. As a result of these purported injuries, the woman required additional, life-saving surgeries. The suit claims that the surgeon performed the operation without properly identifying her medical history and anatomy.

A recent report also indicates that the surgeon has objected to an expert report provided by the plaintiff. The objections state that the doctor is not qualified to offer his opinion on the matters of the case. The expert report given by the plaintiff was part of a requirement under Texas law that plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases must produce such a report.

Medical malpractice issues are often complex and difficult physically, financially and emotionally. When a medical or surgical mistake occurs, the effect on the patient and his or her family can be truly devastating. For the woman at the heart of this case, her journey may yet be far from over. Fortunately for her, she took advantage of her legal rights and sought the aid of an experienced system of support. By doing so, she has found that the best option for her individual case was filing a medical malpractice claim.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, Defendant objects to expert report in med-mal, David Yates, Dec. 16, 2013