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Surgical sponges are vital tools that surgeons use to help control bleeding during a variety of surgeries. Unfortunately, these small sponges can be easy to overlook, which is why most surgical teams in Texas keep count of all tools involved to make sure that nothing is left behind. Unfortunately, an out-of-state patient suffered a myriad of illnesses following a serious surgical mistake during a C-section.

In 2005, the woman underwent an emergency C-section to deliver her son. Soon after, she began to experience an immense amount of pain in her abdominal section. She also reported suffering from bloating that would not go away. Despite these troubling symptoms, doctors continued to assure the woman that nothing was amiss.

When the pain and symptoms continued, a CT scan ultimately led doctors to the correct diagnosis. Seven years after undergoing a C-section, the CT scan showed that a sponge almost four inches in length had been left in her abdomen. Although doctors were able to successfully remove the sponge, the damage had already been done, and she ultimately had to have an ovary and fallopian tube removed.

The patient reported that she had incurred $50,000 worth of medical debt while seeking care for the related injuries that she suffered. This type of debt can easily devastate a person’s financial stability. When a surgical mistake leads to these types of catastrophic injuries and medical bills, one of the most reasonable courses of action for victims in Texas to take is typically to file a medical malpractice suit against the attending surgeon. Contact the surgical error attorneys at Hastings Law Firm Houston to get help. Compensation from a successful claim can be applied to medical bills and other related damages.

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