On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Surgical Errors on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

No matter the reason behind a Texas patient’s decision to undergo plastic surgery — whether medical or cosmetic — the desired outcome is generally a more aesthetically pleasing look. One woman claims that she suffered from a surgical mistake that left her seriously scarred. The dermatologist that performed the procedure has apparently had no action taken against her from the Texas Medical Board since the incident, although she has acknowledged that the procedure did not go as planned.

The 57-year-old woman was offered an anti-aging procedure for free from her dermatologist. Apparently, the dermatologist was considering investing in a Fractora system, and may have wanted to see its results firsthand. The victim claims that she was promised that, in a week’s time, she would appear younger.

The procedure was performed with a Fractora sales representative present. The victim says that, at the urging of the salesperson, the dermatologist applied significant amounts of pressure while simultaneously cranking up the frequency of the system. Afterward, the patient apparently experienced both scratches and burns, and was also exceptionally swollen. Instead of the youthful look that she was promised, those scratches apparently turned into scars, which she believes resembles claw marks.

The victim has filed a claim against a nurse that was also present during the procedure, the dermatologist, the sales representative and also Fractora’s manufacturer, Invasix. Although those involved have apparently all agreed that a surgical mistake occurred that left this woman permanently scarred, the finger of blame has been shifting among them. If successful, a medical malpractice claim may compensate this Texas woman for her monetary damages, including the resulting pain and suffering that was reportedly inflicted upon her.

Source: wltx.com, “Woman Says Plastic Surgery Gave Face ‘Claw Marks'”, , Aug. 11, 2014