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One sometimes hears reports about objects left inside patients during surgery and wonders how that is even possible. After all, surgeons are highly qualified after years of study and practical experience, and such negligent surgical errors are inexcusable. Patients who have to undergo surgery expect the medical teams to be professional and provide adequate care that would not threaten their lives or well-being.

A doctor, clinic and insurance company in another state are facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by a woman and her husband after a foreign object caused post-surgery complications. The complaint states that the doctor performed a surgical procedure in 2008 that involved the correction of breast implants during a mastectomy. After causing a reaction, these implants had to be removed, and in May of 2010, the plaintiff contends, expanders were implanted by the defendant doctor.

The plaintiff alleges that these expanders caused infections and also had to be removed barely two months after the surgical implant. The lawsuit states that a tissue expander was then implanted by a physician assistant, who allegedly found a plastic bottle cap in the plaintiff’s breast. It was determined that it could only have been left there during one of the prior surgeries that were performed by the defendant doctor. The woman and her husband are accusing all of the defendants of medical malpractice.

The unknown amount of monetary recovery for damages sought by the plaintiffs includes mental, physical and emotional distress, anguish, and pain and suffering as well as loss of life enjoyment, medical expenses and other expenses related to the negligence. Texas residents who have suffered the consequences of surgical errors may pursue compensation in a similar manner. The services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney will be invaluable as this is a complicated area of the law and not easily navigated.

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