Some Texas residents may have total faith in their doctors or the surgeons who are booked to perform surgical procedures on them. However, along with a surgeon are a host of other professionals and medical personnel who play a role in proceedings. Even if the surgeon’s work is exemplary, an anesthesia error can have devastating consequences.

Anesthesia is carried out by professionals who are highly trained in monitoring the pain, unconsciousness and vital signs of a patient during a surgical procedure. Adjustments must be made according to the observations of the anesthesiologist throughout the time of the procedure, and when mistakes are made, complications can arise. However, if an error is made, it will be nearly impossible for a patient to know the details of it and to prove it.

Tommy Hastings of Hastings Law Firm in Houston Texas is a skilled medical malpractice attorney with an extensive list of successfully resolved cases behind him. His experience in anesthesiologist malpractice is what will be necessary to hold negligent parties accountable. He is also familiar with the ways in which hospitals and doctors explain away their negative results. The attorneys at our law firm know what to look for and how to prove fault.

Our Texas lawyers have the experience and resources to determine whether an anesthesia error occurred and whether the cause was a communication error, lack of training or another avoidable mistake. Based on the information obtained, we can build a case. Initial consultations to evaluate the viability of cases are free, and if we then go forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff only pays if we recover damages.