On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Doctor Errors on Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Were you aware that roughly 98,000 deaths are blamed on doctor errors every year? That is nearly 100,000 deaths that could have possibly been avoided. Sadly, doctor errors occur all too frequently in Texas, and it is very likely that victims are unaware that a mistake has been made until the damage is already done.

Patients typically place their full trust in the doctors who are treating them and, at face value, why not? After all, doctors and other health care professionals spend years studying, training and passing various medical boards in order to treat and care for the sick and injured. Despite such a rigorous background, even avoidable mistakes still occur, and medical professionals rarely seem willing to own up to those mistakes.

However, the ability to recognize and admit that a mistake has occurred is also an important aspect of health care. If everyone involved is aware of an error in diagnosis or treatment, actions can be taken to correct the mistake and hopefully set the patient back on track with minimal long-term impact. Sadly, the medical profession seems to be engaged in a culture dedicated to covering up mistakes rather than admitting to them. Although doctors might feel as though they are protecting their careers, in reality they are causing additional harm to patients, which does not reflect the caring attitude that most people seek in a provider.

So what can families in Texas do about it? If you believe that doctor errors led to your loved one’s death, you do not have to continue to suffer without help. We understand how difficult this time can be, and we have dedicated our knowledge and skills to helping families seek out just compensation on behalf of their loved one. Although no amount of recourse can ever bring a loved one back, our firm knows that a successful medical malpractice suit can also give grieving families a much needed sense of justice.