On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Houston Law Firm for Hospital Nursing Malpractice on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

It is not uncommon for Texas residents with health problems to have many unanswered questions, even after consulting with a physician. Communication errors have been cited as the reason for a large number of medical errors, often with devastating consequences. Misdiagnosis is said to cause as many as 160,000 cases of preventable deaths or personal injuries every year.

Medical errors can cause patients to receive unnecessary medical treatments, or it can lead to missed or delayed treatment opportunities. Because the process of diagnosis typically involves more than just the physician, communication between the various healthcare professionals involved in the diagnostic process is vital. When it comes to hospital care, miscommunication between primary caregivers and hospital clinicians will affect the standard of care received by the patient.

The fact is that many patients are released from hospitals only to be readmitted within a short time. This is often deemed to be the result of miscommunication between patients and health care providers. It is suggested that patients engage with their physicians and insist on having questions related to their health and medical care answered. They have the right to know the purpose of procedures and tests, as well as when results are expected, and ultimately, what the results are and what was learned from them.

It is reported that medical errors are the third-highest cause of deaths nationwide, and a significant number of those deaths are likely the result of communication errors. Although victims of medical errors are entitled to pursue litigation to recover financial and other damages, medical malpractice claims can be complicated and difficult to prove. Serving residents across Texas from their Houston law office, the medical negligence lawyers at Hastings Law Firm are dedicated to getting justice for victims of medical injuries. For this reason, many individuals in Texas choose to retain the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to provide guidance throughout the legal proceedings.

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