Living in Houston Texas: What to Expect

What is it like to Live in Houston?

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If you plan on moving down to the Lone star state of the US, then expect a lot of fun, music, and heat! Today, we look at some things to expect if you are particularly about to or considering moving to the Houston, Texas area, home of the Texans! There are a lot of benefits to living in Houston, but there are also some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. This article is brought to you by one of the best medical malpractice law firms in Houston Texas.

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Driving is Important to Transportation

Houston, Texas is one of Texas’s largest cities in the Lone star state, so expect heavy traffic throughout. Prepare for traffic jams, tight lanes, and more. Obviously with this in mind, you’ll of course need a car to get around the city, as walking would become a serious hassle rather quick, or any other way of transportation for that matter.

Dress for the Heat

Houston as you may imagine, can become blistering hot, especially during the summertime. Also, due to the climate, Houston typically stays warm year-round, hitting its coldest days during the month of January at an average temperature of 53 degrees Fahrenheit. It also is considered to have the third highest humidity in the nation. Now, that’s hot! Make sure you pack up a lot of shorts and short-sleeve shirts, and if you don’t own much warm weather attire, it may be time to make an investment.

The City is Booming

The city itself hosts many business-related jobs and with higher pays. It is a great place to live, especially if you are moving for a work-related reason, as that means you most likely got a promotion. The cost of living is surprisingly low as well, making a nice ratio between salary and cost of living for many. However, apartments located near and in downtown can get rather pricey, as expected. The price of food is average as well, as a normal lunch will cost you around $12. Houston is also home to some of the top sports teams in the nation.

The City of Various Countries

Houston is known as the “melting pot” of the U.S., having many diverse cultures making up its population. It is estimated that over 90 different countries are represented in the Houston area alone, also shaping up the city quite unique. You’ll never have a boring lunch, as many of those countries recipes and traditions are brought over and translate into a great tasting meal. After all, moving to a new city is all about trying new things, right?

Watch out for Weather

Despite all of the luxuries Houston can offer, it comes at a price with the risky weather that often travels through the city. Natural disasters such as hurricanes also frequently come through Texas, and hit the city of Houston as well, so make sure to be prepared for any crisis, such as lack of supplies, no power, evacuations, and more.

Zoning Laws are Nonexistent

You’ll quickly find that city is jammed packed and somewhat random. Well, that is because there are no zoning laws in Houston, meaning a building of any size can be placed practically anywhere. In one way, it helps the city grow, but also mean it isn’t going to look the greatest.

Overall, the city of Houston, Texas is a fantastic place to move to and start the next chapter of your life. Countless well-paying jobs, low housing costs, diversity at every corner, and more make it not only one of the most interesting cities in America, but also one of the most comfortable to build yourself in not only your career, but a family as well.

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