On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Houston Law Firm for Gallbladder Surgery on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

Texas patients, like patients all across the country, expect medical professionals to provide care that will reflect the many years of education and experience they have. Unfortunately, some procedures leave patients disillusioned about the level of professional medical care they received. A surgery that resulted in a spinal cord injury and paralysis led to a recent medical malpractice lawsuit in another state.

Several plaintiffs were named in a complaint filed by a woman who was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome by one of the defendants in Sept. 2013. The plaintiff asserted that the doctor recommended the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator. The surgical procedure to implant the stimulator was performed by another doctor, who was also listed as a defendant, who allegedly caused a spinal cord injury.

According to the complaint, the injury caused acute paralysis in the plaintiff. The defendants are accused of negligence that resulted in her permanent disability. She claims to be unable to live life as a normal person and also states that she can no longer earn an income. Furthermore, continued medical treatment is required, resulting in high medical expenses.

The plaintiff requested the trial to be heard by a jury, and she is seeking recovery of legal costs and in excess of $50,000 to cover damages. Victims who have suffered a spinal cord injury or other injuries due to medical negligence are entitled to file medical malpractice claims in Texas civil court. Our Houston medical malpractice attorneys are here to help. However, navigating such claims may be tricky, and the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney may be beneficial.

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