Houston Infant Death Malpractice Attorney

If Your Child Suffered Birth Injuries That Led To Fetal Death or Stillbirth, You May Have Been A Victim Of Medical Malpractice

The death of a child immediately or shortly after he or she is born is a tragedy. Finding out that your child died because of birth injuries caused by your doctor or attending nurses and staff makes it even more painful. Fetal death or stillbirth can be caused by medical negligence. You have the right to hold the responsible parties accountable for their mistakes.

Aggressive Representation with Compassionate Service

At Hastings Law Firm, we understand the pain that you and your family are going through. We have helped many other Texas families, just like yours, obtain maximum compensation for the deaths of their children. Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience and a long track record of success in holding members of the medical establishment accountable for negligent behavior.

Everyone in our office has the utmost sympathy and compassion for your loss. We welcome you to our comfortable, friendly office and treat you with the respect you deserve. We all get to know you and learn your story. By developing this personal relationship with you, we think differently about you and your case. We are inspired to fight harder for your cause when we know what you have been through.

Events That Can Lead To a Tragic Loss

Birth injuries involving fetal death or stillbirth are not as common as they once were, thanks to advances in medical technology. Because of this, the deaths that still occur have a higher chance of being caused by negligence.

So many things can lead to the death of a child immediately after birth, including:

  • Improper prenatal care
  • Failure to run proper tests
  • Failure to recognize health conditions in the fetus
  • Failure to operate on the baby’s condition immediately after birth
  • Injuries caused to the baby during delivery

Doctors, nurses, birthing centers and hospitals all use excuses like, “this was beyond our control” or, “there were unforeseen circumstances” to cover up their own mistakes. Your child’s life was in their hands and they failed. You and your child deserve justice, and our lawyers will fight for you.

We use our extensive medical knowledge to determine where the mistake was made and how the doctor or nurse deviated from the standard of care. By showing fault, we are able to hold the negligent parties liable for the death of your child and the harm done to you. For this, we seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

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