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Most Texas residents prepare themselves for the day their aging parents die, knowing that it is inevitable. However, if an elderly parent’s death is caused by the negligence of a medical professional — regardless of how old the parent is — it is simply unacceptable. After a suspicious death of a 93-year-old woman in another state in 2013, a hospital was cited for improper procedures by that state’s Department of Public Health. The deceased woman’s daughter recently filed a hospital malpractice lawsuit against the facility at which her mother died.

Important information to Texans

Our elderly should be cared for throughout their life. Anytime an error involving an older person’s medical care is suspected, a Texas resident should reach out to an experienced lawyer for help. The medical injury attorneys at Hastings Law Firm can help you get justice.

Court documents indicate that severe discomfort in her stomach led to the woman seeking help at the hospital. She was admitted and treated with what is alleged to have been a fatal combination of medication. According to the complaint, a nurse allegedly administered powerful narcotics to the patient without determining her level of pain.

The medication was apparently provided without recording it to inform other nurses or the doctor. It is claimed that the woman’s death was caused by a respiratory failure that was brought on by a combination of Dilaudid and morphine. The amount of recovery sought in this case is not known.

The family noted that a person’s age should not determine the quality of care that is provided. Texas residents who have lost a parent due to negligent medical care may take steps to seek financial accountability from the parties deemed responsible. A hospital malpractice lawsuit may be filed in a civil court. Because such claims are typically complicated, the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney may be invaluable.

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