On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Surgical Errors on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

Even otherwise seemingly minor procedures or surgeries can involve a surprisingly high number of tools and equipment to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. With so many items to keep track of during a possibly high-stress environment, it may not be all that shocking to learn that some foreign objects can get left behind during surgery. Sometimes, they are not simply left behind in the surgical theater but are actually sewn back up into a Texas patient.

Strict guidelines and procedures are meant to prevent this very situation from ever occurring. The attending medical professionals are tasked with keeping count of the tools that are used throughout the course of the surgery and making sure that all are accounted for at the end. Even sponges must be accounted for, even though they may not seem that important to some.

But what happens when medical staff neglect to keep count or fail to report that the final tally was off? Although it’s possible that something may have simply been misplaced in the room, another likely explanation involves a tool being left behind in a patient. This may not be immediately noticed by either the patient or health care workers, but left-behind equipment can cause catastrophic injuries, including further injury or infections requiring additional surgeries or extended hospital stays.

To make matters worse, it is not at all uncommon for medical workers to insist that no mistake was made. Typically, Texas health care workers have various advantages to shield themselves from blame by erecting obstacles that protect workers that may have been at fault. Our years of experience have allowed us to become intimately familiar with the moves that the health care community takes to shift the blame to victims rather than themselves, and we dedicate our time to standing up for victims injured foreign objects wrongly left behind in their bodies.