On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Failure to Diagnose on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Texas patients suffering from an illness or disease usually rely on doctors or other healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose and treat them. When there is a delayed diagnosis or a failure to recognize symptoms, some illnesses may have the ability to progress and seriously sicken the individual. The patient recently diagnosed with Ebola in Texas may have been just one of any number of victims who suffered due to a breakdown in diagnosing.

When he began to show symptoms of the disease, the man sought help at a local emergency room. He apparently disclosed his recent travel to West Africa — an area currently experiencing a severe Ebola outbreak — to a nurse, but this crucial information was not passed on to others who provided care to him. He was later sent home and told to take antibiotics.

It wasn’t until later that he was definitively diagnosed with Ebola. Unfortunately, some may not find this too surprising. The Institute of Medicine determined that emergency departments are responsible for over half of all the negligent events that occur in hospitals in America.

Especially with crucial information on hand, such as travel to an area of the world that is currently experiencing a medical crisis, the failure to recognize symptoms of the deadly Ebola disease may have put this man at a very serious risk. With many illnesses or diseases, time for treatment can be crucial, and any delay due to a delayed diagnosis can affect a patient’s ability to recover. Texas victims who have suffered because of a missed diagnosis may have to deal with increased medical bills and even potential long-term pain and suffering. However, victims can seek compensation for these burdens through the successful litigation of a medical malpractice claim.

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