On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Failure to Diagnose on Monday, August 4, 2014.

While often necessary, dental work may be something that most individuals in Texas look forward to getting over and done with. One woman claims that she was unable to move on so readily from her dental procedure after the dentist apparently did not complete the job correctly. She claims that his failure to diagnose the proper source of her pain extended her suffering.

The woman went to see the dentist in order to have a crown placed on one of her teeth. However, the crown was apparently not placed properly, which caused her a significant amount of pain. When she informed her dentist of the pain, she says that she was misdiagnosed. This continued throughout multiple visits, when her dentist allegedly failed to properly diagnose the root of her pain every time.

After seeking care from another dentist, the misplaced crown was allegedly properly diagnosed. The second dentist was able to remove the painful crown and place a new one that was fitted correctly. However, in the period of time before she saw the second dentist, she suffered considerable and continual pain from the first crown.

Her medical malpractice claim asserts that the dentist’s failure to diagnose the improperly placed crown not only caused her extended pain and suffering, but also mental anguish and the loss of happiness in her life. Part of her claim also seeks compensation for the medical expenses she incurred while being continuously misdiagnosed. New Jersey patients who have been injured from a dental procedure might be all too familiar with the pain that an injured tooth can cause, although they may be unaware that they may pursue a medical malpractice claim to seek compensation for their injuries, depending on the specifics. The successful litigation of such a claim can result in compensation for a victim for medical bills and pain and suffering.

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