On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Houston Surgical Error Lawyers on Monday, June 6, 2016.

Individuals in Texas who are considering cosmetic surgery may want to do proper research about the surgeon before undergoing any procedures. A plastic surgeon in another state is reportedly facing hundreds of legal claims, all alleging failed surgery. One attorney reports that he is representing 150 victims of botched breast augmentation surgeries that were carried out by one surgeon.

As legal counsel for these women, he said investigators, nurses, epidemiologists and an anesthesiologist were involved in researching each claim. He reported that all involved were shocked about the damage done to the bodies of these women by alleged surgical negligence. Reportedly, each victim has undergone multiple surgical procedures.

One of the victims of this doctor’s surgery explained that she experiences pain whenever she sleeps on her left side. The same pain is experienced when she picks up her child and holds her on her left side. Reportedly, these cases are being prepared for filing, and the alleged negligent doctor is not facing disciplinary action at this time.

Every Texas victim of failed surgery has the right to pursue financial relief for unanticipated medical expenses and other losses. The medical negligence attorneys at Hastings Law Firm in Houston are dedicated in help such victims. Because of the complexities of this type of lawsuit, it may be wise to seek the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Such a professional will have the skills and resources to obtain the necessary information on which to base a claim to be presented before the court. The successful presentation may lead to a financial judgment to cover not only the economic losses but also the extensive emotional damage that typically results from a botched surgery.

Source: firstcoastnews.com, “Lawyers filing 150 malpractice lawsuits against plastic surgeon”, Kenneth Amaro, June 1, 2016