On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Doctor Errors on Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

A woman had to have both of her arms and both legs amputated following a particularly serious sepsis infection that was caused by a uterine infection. Unfortunately, even though she sought help before her condition progressed to such a serious state, she claims that doctor errors led to a failure to recognize the infection from which she was suffering. She has since filed a medical malpractice claim, a course of action that victims of similar acts of negligence in Texas may find to be an appropriate course of action.

The victim first visited the emergency room complaining of pain in her pelvis and midsection. She reported that her pain was at the top of the pain scale, but she was discharged with no explanation on three separate occasions. As she was being discharged for the third time, she became incoherent, and doctors discovered that she was suffering from sepsis.

Although at that point, her organs were already going into failure, with proper treatment, she was finally able to recover from sepsis as well as the original uterine infection that caused it. Unfortunately, during organ failure, the blood flow to her arms and legs slowed down drastically. Her extremities developed gangrene and ultimately had to be amputated.

An ultrasound revealed that she had a significant amount of fluid in her abdomen, but no explanation for it was ever given. Additionally, she alleges that no one at the emergency room ever conducted a pelvic exam to try and get to the root of her pain. She is now seeking compensation for the failure to recognize the symptoms of her infection and says that the emergency room acted negligently.

Suffering at the hands of a health care professional who was supposed to help can be devastating to patients in Texas. Victims must often shoulder the physical and emotional injuries that doctor errors can cause while also handling the burden of related medical bills. Filing a medical malpractice suit can make sense for some victims, as a successfully litigated claim can award the victim recourse for related damages.

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