Discovering the Iconic Texas Capitol Building in Austin

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Standing tall and proud at 1100 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701, the Texas Capitol building is a true gem of the Lone Star State. As the state’s main government building and the home of the Texas Legislature and the Governor of Texas, the building is an essential piece of Texas’ rich history. Completed in 1888, the Texas Capitol is a National Historic Landmark and the largest state capitol in the United States.

Designed by the renowned architect Elijah E. Myers, who also designed several other state capitol buildings, the Texas Capitol boasts a distinctive pink granite exterior that was quarried in nearby Marble Falls, Texas. Its majestic dome, standing at 302 feet, is the second highest in the United States and can be seen from many parts of Austin. It is an iconic feature that captures the essence of Texas’ enduring spirit.

Once inside, visitors can take a guided tour of the building to learn about its history and architecture. A visit to the House and Senate chambers, where the Texas Legislature meets, is a must, as well as a stop at the Governor’s office and the Texas Supreme Court. Admire the impressive historical artifacts and artworks, including statues of famous Texans such as Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin, and discover the stories behind them.

The Texas Capitol is also a place of remembrance, featuring several monuments and memorials, such as the Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial, which honors law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, and the Texas Heroes Monument, which honors Texans who have made significant contributions to the state.

But the exploration doesn’t end at the building’s doors. The 22-acre Capitol Complex is home to several other buildings, such as the Governor’s Mansion, the Texas State Cemetery, the Texas Department of Agriculture, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Take a stroll through the Capitol grounds to discover several statues and monuments, including the stunning statue of the Goddess of Liberty, which stands at the top of the Capitol’s dome.

Visitors can choose from guided tours, self-guided tours, or even download the Capitol App, available on the official website, for an interactive and engaging experience. The app includes information about the history, architecture, and art of the Capitol, as well as the history of the state of Texas.

The Texas Capitol is a testament to Texas’ enduring spirit and rich history. It is an excellent destination for anyone interested in history, architecture, or just looking for an exciting place to visit. The Texas Capitol is open to the public from Monday to Friday, and guided tours are offered throughout the day.

Make your way to the iconic Texas Capitol in Austin and immerse yourself in the heart of Texas’ past and present. Discover the stories and legends of the Lone Star State and be awed by the beauty and grandeur of this majestic building.

The Texas Capitol in Austin: Fascinating Facts

  1. Completed in 1888, the Texas Capitol Building is the largest state capitol building in the United States, covering over 14 acres of land. 
  2. The building stands 306 feet tall and is the only one of the four U.S. Capitol buildings not to be built in a classical architectural style. 
  3. The south façade of the building is made of Texas pink granite, which was quarried in nearby Marble Falls. 
  4. Inside the Capitol, a 350-foot-long hallway known as the “Hall of State” is lined with Texas history paintings and artifacts. 
  5. The dome of the Capitol is the second-largest in the nation and is topped with a bronze Lone Star, the symbol of the Texas Republic

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