Doctors in Texas and other states spend many years studying and passing exams before they are allowed to prove that they are capable of caring for patients accurately. When they make mistakes, their patients are the ones that can be harmed. Although not as common as cases against physicians, dentists sometimes face medical malpractice lawsuits.

A man in another state won a settlement of $675,000 after filing a lawsuit against a Houston doctor. Reportedly, the man went to his dentist for root canal treatment. Although everything seemed fine after the treatment, the patient noticed the strange behavior of the dentist. He said she was looking at his clothes and on the floor around him for something. She said it was a small metal dentist’s tool that was missing.

Without giving it another thought, the patient went home. Within days he developed severe pains in his abdomen. The man was sent for an x-ray which revealed the cause of the pain. The small dental file that the dentist was looking for had been dropped down his throat and was lodged in his stomach. This required emergency surgery, and complications caused an obstruction in his small intestine.

This patient was hospitalized for over a month — most of that time he was in pain. Texas victims of doctors’ errors that have adverse consequences may benefit from discussing their circumstances with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer will be able to evaluate the case, and if a viable claim exists, he or she will provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the legal proceedings that will follow.

Source:, “Illinois man gets $675,000 settlement after dentist drops dental file down his throat“, Aug. 4, 2016