It can be extremely upsetting for those living in Texas and all across the nation to learn that something could have been prevented had a medical issue been found in the beginning, instead of later on down the road. When this type of situation involves cancer, it can be very heartbreaking for all of those involved. A recent lawsuit awarded almost $10 million to a victim and her husband after she received a delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer.

The victim filed the lawsuit in 2013, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. At the time she was diagnosed, the cancer was already in Stage III. A hospital-employed technician allegedly read her 2009, 2010 and 2011 pap smears incorrectly. If the reading errors had not occurred, she would most likely not be suffering from the consequences of the late diagnosis.

The married couple was awarded with an amount of over $9.6 million in damages. The award of damages in this case has been noted as one of the highest paying in the history of the state in which it took place. The victim was awarded compensation for past and future medical costs, pain and suffering, permanent impairment, and $2 million was awarded to her husband for loss of companionship.

Anyone living in Texas who becomes victim to a delayed diagnosis for a serious medical condition is most likely overwhelmed with medical costs, along with pain and suffering. A successfully litigated medical malpractice lawsuit could help ease some of the emotional and financial stresses these victims are facing. Monetary relief may not restore an individual to his or her original condition, but it can make a major difference toward providing a better and more manageable future.

Source:, “Jury awards Minot couple nearly $10 million for misread Pap smears“, Judy Harrison, May 21, 2015