On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Failure to Diagnose Attorney in Houston on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Texas residents are likely aware that a timely diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions may prevent severe consequences. Unfortunately, doctors also make mistakes, and delayed diagnosis or failures to diagnose do occur. This is evident in the number of medical malpractice lawsuits that are reportedly filed in civil courts nationwide.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit against a doctor and his employers after he allegedly failed to accurately diagnose her condition when she consulted with him in May 2014. According to court documents, the plaintiff — whose medical history showed hypertension — suffered nausea and headache when she visited the defendant. She asserts that the doctor sent her home, saying that a virus caused her symptoms, and she would feel better soon.

He allegedly reassured her again when she texted him later to report a dizzy feeling. The symptoms apparently did not subside, and within nine days, the plaintiff claims to have noticed weakness on the right side of her body. She went to an emergency room at a hospital where the diagnosis indicated a hemorrhagic stroke. This, she claims, left her paralyzed on her right side with language and speech impairment along with cognitive defects. Some of these may be permanent.

Any person in Texas who is suffering a condition that could have been prevented had it not been for delayed diagnosis has the right to pursue recovery of compensatory damages. A medical malpractice lawsuit may be filed in a Texas civil court, and any or all parties deemed to be responsible may be named as defendants. With their main law offices in Houston Texas, the Hastings Law Firm have represented 100s of medical injury victims across Texas and have earned the distinction of being one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in Texas. This is a complicated area of the law, and such a claim may be best navigated by an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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