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It is only natural for parents in Texas and other states to expect the medical team in attendance at the birth of their baby to be competent and experienced enough to recognize conditions that can jeopardize the health of an unborn child. They would likely expect doctors and nurses to order emergency procedures such as a cesarean section to prevent damage through prolonged labor. Unfortunately, the expectations of parents are not always met, and grounds for a medical malpractice claim may exist.

After the sad loss of the second of an out of state couple’s newborn twins, a lawsuit was filed against the medical facility, a doctor and four registered nurses. The father, who was present during the birth of his twins explained how shocked he was with the condition of the second baby when the boy was born. He asserted that negligence was immediately evident on that day in August of 2014.

The parents allege that the medical personnel attending the birth failed to take note of the second infant’s slowed heart rate just prior to delivery. They claim that, instead of ordering a cesarean section when the alarms indicated the baby’s dangerously slow heart rate, the medical staff proceeded to use vacuum equipment to deliver the child. After birth, the newborn was diagnosed with perinatal asphyxia and insufficient blood supply to the brain; he was put on life support.

Important Information for Texans

Mothers and children should always be treated with the utmost care. Any time an error involving an birth injury, delivery accident or other trauma during pregnancy or birth is suspected, a Texas resident should reach out to an experienced lawyer for help. With their main offices in Houston Texas, the medical injury attorneys at Hastings Law Firm can help Texans across the state get justice.

The newborn’s condition was irreversible, and the parents were in the unenviable position of having to order the life support to be discontinued on the second day. The twin lived for only six more hours. Nobody should have to experience such trauma at the hands of medical professionals, especially considering that a timely decision to do a C-section might have saved the child’s life. Texas residents who believe that they have been the victims of medical negligence are entitled to retain the services of experienced medical malpractice attorneys to pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages sustained.

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