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Tommy Hastings and his team of personal injury attorneys have successfully tried and settled numerous medical negligence lawsuits across the country which have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars for their clients. View Our Results

Breast Implant Cancer Lawsuit – Allergan Textured Breast Implant Cancer Lawyers

Textured Breast Implant Illness & Lymphoma - Implants Linked to Cancer On July 24, 2019, the FDA released a statement requesting the global pharmaceutical company Allergan to recall their textured breast implants after an increased number of cancer reports. Cases have been surfacing in the last six years linking Allergan BIOCELL textured breast implants to breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. If you have certain breast implants manufactured by Allergan, you may be eligible to file an Allergan breast implant lawsuit. FDA Recalls Textured Breast Implants In a press release, FDA Principal Deputy [...]

Hastings Law Firm Represents Family Who Allege Child Died from Contaminated Pharmaceuticals

Houston, TX (July 18th, 2019) - Parents Klay and Christina King have filed an Amended Complaint against drug manufacturer Pharmatech, LLC., et. al., following the death of their 15-month-old son Stephen. The child was recovering from surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in 2016 when he contracted a bacterial infection from the burkholderia cepacia bacterium. Such bacterial infections are typically treatable but can be fatal in those with compromised immune systems, the very young, and the elderly. The Amended Complaint sets forth serious allegations concerning The Harvard Drug Group LLC and its parent company, Cardinal Health, Inc. regarding their conduct in [...]

Is Personal Injury Law The Same As Medical Malpractice?

Personal injury is divided into several categories one of which is medical malpractice. This happens to also be the most complex type of case in this category. However, there are a few general similarities since they involve an individual becoming injured due to negligence. There are also key contrasts between the two. Definition of Personal Injury Claim A personal injury claim involves two major issues which are liabilities and damages since it is a tort claim. As a lawyer, you must establish that the accused is liable for all the damages caused. Moreover, you must explain clearly the nature and [...]

Thiamine Deficiency Misdiagnosis & Medical Malpractice

Thiamine, known as Vitamin B-1, is stored in small amounts in the body and as such, healthy levels can be depleted quickly. When the body becomes severely depleted of this essential vitamin serious health consequences can arise in the brain, heart and muscle function. The seriousness of the complications makes quickly identifying and treating potential thiamine deficiency vital. A deficiency in vitamin B-1 is usually linked to some form of malnutrition where the body is not provided, or not able to, absorb necessary amounts for proper health. Situations like this can occur when a person is unable to eat or [...]

Who Can You Sue for Medication Errors in Texas?

When someone mentions a medical malpractice lawsuit, our minds immediately picture an error in the operating room. However, malpractice charges can result from other types of medical errors, including medication errors. In fact, medication errors are the most common cases of medical malpractice, especially when it comes to treatment of newborn children. Such errors take place on daily bases all around the world, including Texas. Unfortunately, many mistakes of this kind have serious repercussions, such as permanent health issues and conditions, suffering and pain, and the worst of them all – wrongful death. With medicine gone so far ahead during [...]