On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Texas Lawyer for Defective Medical Device on Sunday, November 22, 2015.

When Texas residents are admitted to hospitals, they typically hope to get better. Unfortunately, some patients end up worse off upon their discharge. In cases involving hospital negligence, additional medical treatment is often necessary. A woman in another state recently commenced a civil lawsuit based upon claims of medical negligence by filing a lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was a breast cancer patient in the defendant’s facility. To ease access to her veins and avoid repeated needle sticks, a device called a Port-A-Cath was implanted in the patient in June 2013. This allows regular administration of medication, including chemotherapy drugs. It also allows the easy withdrawal of blood for testing purposes. Allegedly, a hospital staff member sought the help of another employee after failing to access the port in the appropriate manner.

The plaintiff claims that sterility procedures were not followed, resulting in an infection that became septic. The Port-A-Cath had to be surgically removed so the infection could be treated. The plaintiff alleges that this additional treatment caused a delay in her chemotherapy program and also her recuperation. She seeks compensation for these and other damages. The claim also includes the unanticipated medical expenses related to the additional surgery and treatment, along with pain and suffering.

Texas residents who have suffered harm caused by medical negligence may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation of financial losses. However, navigating a case of hospital negligence can be challenging. Providing legal support to residents across Texas, the Houston, TX medical negligence lawyers at Hastings Law Firm are dedicated to getting justice for victims of medical injuries. Victims of such negligence are entitled to retain the services of an experienced hospital negligence attorney to assist in meeting the standard of proof required in order to achieve a monetary judgment for damages sustained.

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