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Texas Medical Malpractice Resources & Information

Understanding Medical Malpractice Law in Texas

Texas residents who are concerned about medical errors should be aware of the state’s basic medical malpractice laws. What may seem upon first glance as a minor misstep can end up being a serious or even fatal mistake in the medical world. Texas residents who suspect that they may have been the victims of a medical error should understand some of the parameters in Texas law surrounding malpractice claims. What Does Texas Consider Medical Malpractice? The Texas Constitution and Statutes refer to a medical malpractice claim as a health care liability claim. This can include any treatment, failure to provide [...]

Study: Medical Errors Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

When you think of the leading causes of death in the United States, you may think of cancer, heart disease, or accidents of various sorts. While it is true that all three are leading causes of death, avoidable medical negligence probably does not make your list. However, a recent study highlighted just how serious these errors are. Details of the study Since 1999, medical errors as a leading cause of death have been on the radar of medical researchers. During this time, the Institute of Medicine released its "To Err Is Human" report, which revealed that up to 98,000 people [...]

Medical Injuries and the July Effect

With the summer months approaching, people in need of scheduled surgery or other major medical procedures may be trying to plan around vacations, summer camp, PTO and countless other variables that complicate the process of planning for the upheaval and recovery time that will likely be involved. One factor that may not necessarily occur to patients is how the timing of a procedure, even from one week to the next, may affect the quality of care he or she receives and the risk of adverse outcomes. The July Effect: Fact or Fiction? Each year at teaching hospitals across the United [...]

Common Prescription Drug Errors in the U.S.

Texas residents should be aware of the dangers they face due to potential errors involving prescription medications. According to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, as many as one and a half million people are affected by medication error malpractice every year in the U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, indicates that this number is not accurate. The FDA asserts that a large number of medication errors go completely unreported. For this reason, the full number of injuries associated with drug errors may be much higher than the 1.5 million figure cited by the AMCP. Psychology Today notes [...]

Anesthesia Error Alleged in 5 Lawsuits After Cataract Surgery

According to the National Eye Institute of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one of the most successful and safest surgical procedures is cataract surgery. It says that most Americans, including some in Houston Texas, have cataracts by the age of 80. Many have undergone successful surgery to remove cataracts. A recent report about lawsuits alleging anesthesia error shows that, unfortunately, not all these procedures are carried out without problems. On May 20, 2014, 45 patients were seen by a doctor at a cataract and laser center in another state. Five of the people who had corrective vision [...]