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Diocto Recalled Again for Infection Risk

Almost one year after a previous recall, Rugby Laboratories is issuing another voluntary recall of their Diocto syrup laxatives and stool softeners. All lots of the product are involved in this recall. Diocto Liquid, also known as docusate sodium, is a laxative given mainly to patients in the hospital recovering from heart attacks or surgery. The contaminated products were distributed to both retailers and hospitals. Stool softeners make it easier for the body to absorb water into the intestinal tract, thereby softening the stool so patients don’t experience pain or discomfort after surgery, trauma, or giving birth. Last year, Diocto [...]

Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloth Recall

In a voluntary recall, Sage Products called back one lot of its Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths to the points of distribution from health care facilities, pharmacies, and at-home patients nationwide. The product was recalled because it was contaminated by Burkholderia cepacia, or B. cepacia. This is a serious infection that cannot be treated easily and several instances of infections were reported. Sage has been providing medical supplies to the healthcare industry since 1971 and has a history of providing quality products to the market through its distributors. Infection of B. cepacia can be life-threatening in some cases; particularly, where [...]

Combination Therapy Proving Successful Against B. Cepacia Infections

Burkholderia cepacia, or B. cepacia, is a bacterial infection that is most commonly associated with patients who suffer from cystic fibrosis. However, the bacterial infection can be contracted in a number of other ways, including ingestion of contaminated products. UPDATE: B. Cepacia infectionsconnected to contaminated Rugby brands including Diocto stool softener. Several studies have been underway to try to determine effective treatments for B. cepacia because it proves to be antibiotic resistant for most patients. The mortality rates of those suffering from B. cepacia are as high as 36% in some cases, even when cystic fibrosis is not present. The [...]

B. Cepacia Infections Linked to Flush Syringes

Burkholderia cepacia outbreaks have been found to be linked to several medical products over the last two years including stool softening products such as Diocto, cleansing cloths, and now I.V. flush syringes. B. cepacia is a bacterial infection that tends to hit people who are already ill, the hardest. Sufferers of cystic fibrosis, pneumonia or other lung conditions tend to have the most difficulty recovering from the bacterial infection. The bacteria is resistant to antibiotics, and it makes it extremely difficult to treat patients who have been affected by the outbreak. Initially, there have been 13 instances of people who [...]

What Are Surgical Never Events?

Preventable surgical mistakes, or surgical never events, occur all too often, putting patients at risk for worsened medical conditions or death. People in the Houston Metro area, and throughout Texas, frequently require surgical interventions. This may be to repair internal damage, treat the symptoms of certain medical ailments or to address other conditions. When going under the knife, patients generally expect their conditions to improve, not worsen. All too often, however, preventable physician errors and medical mistakes occur, putting patients at risk. What are surgical never events? Some medical mistakes are unavoidable. However, others should not occur provided health care [...]