Best Houston Neighborhoods to Live and Raise a Family

A List of the Top Houston Neighborhoods in 2020

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Houston, Texas is pretty big. Whether you’re seeking for a family-friendly community or urban charm, there is no doubt you’ll find it in Houston. The best thing about Houston is that, it enjoys the lowest housing costs meaning Houston personal injury attorneys can afford to live well in the city. The city has 88 different neighborhoods and a total population of about 2.2 million residents. Deciding on the exact neighborhood to live involves more than just finding a home. You should consider safety, cost of living, quality of schools among other factors. Let me walk you through the top 5 best Houston neighborhoods to live and raise a family. To learn more about daily life here, you should check out What to Expect When Living in Houston.

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Kingwood Area

This neighborhood features both residential and apartment homes for sale, leasing or renting. Kingwood has a total population of about 83,500 residents. About 71% of the local residents own homes while 29% rent homes. The median home value stands slightly above $211,300 while the median rent is approximately $ 1300. There are two main ways to travel to Kingwood. You can use the Mills Branch Drive or Woodland Hills Drive. Residents have accessibility to schools like Kingwood high school, Bear branch elementary school, Kingwood middle school, Creekwood middle school among others. There are plenty of other social amenities. This neighborhood has low crime rates.

Clear Lake

Clear lake has a total population of 83,000 residents. Out of these, 62% own homes while 38% rent homes. The suburban neighborhood has plenty of schools and social amenities. The neighborhood is small and inviting, but has a large lake. At clear lake, you’ll find people from all walks of life. The crime rates are low making it a perfect neighborhood to raise your children.


Here, you’ll find attached and single-family homes that feature the traditional style. Most of these homes were built between 1930’s and early 90s. However, you can still find recently built homes. Braeswood neighborhood has a total population of 35,000 residents out of which 57% of the residents own houses while 43% rent homes. Currently, the median home value stands at $ 548,700 while median rent is approximately $ 1500.There are several schools like Carnegie Vanguard High school, Performance and visual arts school, Challenge early college school, Eastwood academy among others. The neighborhood has several social amenities. On the other hand, the crime rates are low.

Addicks – Park Ten

This is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Houston with approximately 4,600 residents. This area is more family-oriented. In fact, you can rarely see a bar around. The Addicks – Park Ten has great restaurants, coffee shops and variety of family fun activities. This area has low crime rate. There are several schools like Beckendorff Junior high school, Bonnie Holland Elementary School, Garland junior high school among others. This makes it a perfect neighborhood for school going children.

Eldridge/West Oaks

The neighborhood is located on the western side of Houston. It has a total population of 95,100 residents. The homes in this area are affordable. Statistics show that, 58% of the residents rent homes while 48% own homes. The median home value currently stands at $ 253,100 while median rent is 1,300. Most residents have an annual house income of $ 83,700.There are several public and private schools. Likewise, you’ll find several food restaurants like the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Dunkin Donuts.

Now you know the best Houston Neighborhoods to live and raise a family. The neighborhoods have family-friendly amenities like public schools, recreational facilities, restaurants etc. They experience low crime rates and are affordable to common citizens.

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