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Texas residents who are scheduled for surgery may be no different from thousands of others who experience trepidation in the time leading up to the procedures. The knowledge that multiple things can go wrong seems to cause the natural feeling of apprehension. While many surgical procedures are carried out with great success, some doctors make medical errors, or their failure to diagnose conditions may result in unsuccessful surgical procedures.

A doctor in another state, along with her practice, is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that alleges the doctor failed to diagnose a blocked ureter during surgery in June of 2012. According to the complaint, the plaintiff underwent a hysterectomy that was performed by the defendant. The plaintiff contends that she returned to the doctors in 2014 after developing severe abdominal pain.

Exploratory surgery was then performed, and it was determined that the plaintiff’s left kidney was not functioning due to a blockage in the left ureter. This was apparently suspected at the time of the initial surgery in 2012. Court documents indicate that the doctor noted her suspicion that the woman may have had a ureter injury during the original procedure. The plaintiff contends that the physician was negligent in failing to investigate the possible injury and act upon it in an appropriate way.

This woman who went for a hysterectomy to improve her quality of life ended up with a nonfunctional kidney. Texas residents who have been the victims of doctors’ failure to diagnose medical conditions may benefit from discussing the matters with experienced medical malpractice attorneys to establish whether they have viable medical malpractice claims. Our Houston medical malpractice lawyer are here to help. If evidence of medical misconduct is presented successfully, a civil court may award compensation for pecuniary and personal injuries as allowed under state laws.

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