Robotic Surgery Errors Are Preventable — Our Houston Lawyers Will Represent You

The da Vinci robotic surgery machine is being touted as one of the latest breakthroughs in surgical equipment. Hailed as being able to produce better results than many laparoscopic surgeries done to the same site, it is being sold to hospitals all over the country.

However, there have been several deaths and many complications due to robotic surgery. One of the problems may be a lack of training for the surgeon involved. If you or a loved one has had complications related to an error caused during robotic surgery, you need to consult with a Houston attorney with experience in these cases.

In-Depth Medical And Legal Knowledge In A Friendly, Comfortable Atmosphere

Tommy Hastings of Hastings Law Firm P.C. has spent more than a decade pursuing justice and obtaining compensation for victims of medical negligence. He has a long track record of successes to his name, and he has achieved awards totaling millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. His extensive medical and legal knowledge helps him navigate the complicated world of medical malpractice.

When you work with our law firm, we develop a lasting relationship with you. We want you to feel comfortable during this difficult time. Having this relaxed, friendly attitude helps us think differently about you and your case. Knowing exactly how much harm this surgical error has caused and how it has impacted your life motivates us to work harder to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

The Side Effects Of Modern Technology

One of the many concerns regarding the da Vinci system is the fact that the surgeon has no direct contact with the patient. The surgery is conducted via a video interface and a joystick. There is no way to feel the response a patient's body gives or easily determine whether a tear has opened in the tissue or a burn has resulted from contact with the robotic arm. If the robotic arm causes an injury to the patient, serious complications can occur, including infection and death.

Our lawyers consult with medical experts to determine how the robotic surgery equipment may have harmed you and why. We know the current medical standards of care, so we are aware of when they have been deviated from in a given situation. Medical professionals have many ways of pushing aside any inference that they are responsible for the harm done to their patients. We know how to counter these arguments and hold them accountable for the surgery malpractice they have committed.

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